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There are larger bike shops than ours in the area. But we excel when it comes to giving advice and feedback to our customers. 

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*1/2 day prices available from 1:00pm to 5:30pm.

Bike Rental 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 7 Days          
Trekking Bike Adults €20 €35 €49 €99          
Hardtail MTB Adults €29 €54 €76 €164          
Kids Bike 12-18" & 24" €15 €27 €38 €81          
Racebike (pre-order necessary) €29 €54 €76            
E-Bike 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 7 Days
E-Bike Trekking €35 €63 €88 €188
E-Mountainbike €40 €75 €103 €215
Kids E-MTB 24" €35 €63 €88 €188
E-Enduro (Fully) €65 €125 €185 €385
Freeride / Fully / All Mountain 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 7 Days
Freeride / Fully / All Mountain €50 €95 €140 €295
Kids Fully 24" €35 €60 €84 €168
Accessories 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 7 Days
Trailer for kids €15 €26 €36 €72
Child seat (Trekking Bike)** €6 €11 €15 €29
Protective gear (knee, arm, body) €15 €26 €36 €72
Combi with Bike Set €10 €20 €28 €60
Full-face Helmet €6 €11 €16 €33
Helmet (standard) €3 €5 €7 €15

Dirt & Sweat. We spare no effort to make your bike fit again.


Bike Service "small" €42:  General safety check, check and adjust the brakes, gearshift system, tire pressure. Checking the chain for wear and oiling.


Other services: Hydraulic brakes bleed / fill - Exchange chain, sprocket - Centering the wheels - Bike assembly & bike cleaning - Assembly luggage carriers, children's trailers, bike computer.


Just drop by or by appointment: 04285/7100


Service for:  BOSCH,  SHIMANO, YAHAMA 


Attention: Our bike service shop is located in Tröpolach. At Nassfeld we can only make minor emergency repairs.



Tip: Nassfeld Bike Hero Tour

50 km, 2300 hm and sensational panoramas, only for heroes!
Boundless, versatile and surprising. That's how the Bike Wörld Nassfeld defines itself. We wanted to know it properly: 50 km, 2300hm and the best panoramas that Nassfeld has to offer on the Austrian side and Pramollo on the Italian side.

The Tour 1/2

From the valley station of the Millennium Express in Tröpolach, the route initially goes uphill along the asphalt road until you change to the gravel road at an altitude of about 950 meters. In the area of the Rudnig Alm, which you leave on the right, you go downhill for about 60 meters in altitude before the final climb to the Madritsche begins. With this, the first 1350 hm are done.

The Route 2/2

The Nassfeld Pramollo Hero now goes on the single trail "easy way" down to the Nassfeldpass and follows from here the route HP6 via the Garnitzenalm back to the Nassfeldpass. We then take the route via the Rossalm (HP7) before it goes steeply uphill to the top station of the Madritsche. This brings us back to the summit and we can now enjoy the long descent to Tröpolach.

Request a guided tour.

If you want to take it a bit easier, you can take the Millennium Express, Gartnerkofelbahn and Madritschenbahn lifts, and save yourself quite a bit of altitude.

Both variants are also a real highlight with the E-MTB. A second battery is absolutely necessary.

Are you interested in a guided tour? Write us

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