Snow paradise, Nassfeld.

Skiing is life.

Winter is our favorite season.
You need a new, hip winter outfit or gear, come to our stores.
You want to test some new skis, check out our rental offers.
You are looking for a skiing instructor to improve your skill, you know where to find us.

Skiing is life.

Skiing is to blame that we are who we are today.

Are you ready for a short walk down memory lane?

Pioneers at Nassfeld.

In the 50s & 60s Fritz Sölle raced to victories at the Gartnerkofel race.

As a ski instructor, he inspired not only the guests but also Federal Chancellor Bruno Kreisky.

He played a leading role in the development of the Nassfeld ski area.

Power couple on skis.

Together with his wife Ruth Sölle, they decided in the 1960s to transform the Essl wholesale business, a family-owned business in third generation into Sölle Sport.

Since then Nassfeld has been the center of our activities.

Next generation: a ski love story.

After a few seasons in the Downhill World Cup, Christian Sölle joined the company in 1987. Since then he has been the visionary, whose ideas continue to move the Wörld of Nassfeld.

Moreover, he was one of the first sports retailers in Austria to recognize the future in ski rental in the 90s.



To get your money's worth in terms of exercise in winter, there is one imperative: You need proper equipment. There is nothing worse than having cold, suffering from blisters and getting pressure marks from your boots or being unsecured in the terrain. 


In our stores in Tröpolach and at Nassfeld  you will find what you need for winter sport in our region.



Rent, Service, Depot


Rent your ski equipment and enjoy the 110km of perfect ski slopes at Nassfeld. Renting your skis offers you the possibility to test the new and hottest skis on the market. Check out our Rent Online Shop.



We prepare winter sports equipment with the latest technology. Overnight and express! 

Our service drop-off points: Sölle Sport Tröpolach, Sölle Sport Nassfeld, Sölle Sport Sonnleitn.


Ski Depot

Stop carrying around your skis from the car, to the lift, to your room. No more cold and wet feet. Drop-off your skis at the depot in Tröpolach.


Ski, Snowboard, Boots & Helmet
Product   1 Day 3 Days  6 Days
**** Ski/ Board incl.  skipoles BASIC Adults € 24 € 5 € 120
  Teenager 15-18y € 18 € 49 € 90
  Children 10 -14 y. € 12 € 32 € 60
  Children below 9y. € 8 € 23 € 42
***** Ski/ Board incl. ski poles PREMIUM Adults € 32  € 86 € 158
  Teenager 15-18y. € 24 € 65 € 119
  Children 10 -14 y. € 16 € 43 € 79
****** Ski/ Board inc. ski poles EXCLUSIVE Adults € 41 € 111 € 199
  Teenager 15-18y. € 31 € 83 € 149
  Children 10 -14 y. € 21 € 53 €99
Boots Adults € 14 € 38 € 60
  Teenager 15-18y. € 11 € 28 € 45
  Children 10-14y. € 7 € 19 € 30
  Children below 9y. € 5 € 13 € 21
Helmet, ski poles, sledge everyone € 6 € 18 € 24


Ski Sets (skis, board, boots, poles)
Product   1 Day 3 Days 6 Days
**** Set BASIC (ski/board, boots, ski poles) Adults € 35 € 94 € 162
  Teenager 15-18y € 26 € 71 € 122
  Children 10-14y. € 17 € 47 € 81
  Children below 9y. € 12 € 33 € 57
***** Set PREMIUM Adults € 42 € 114 € 197
  Teenager 15-18y. € 32 € 86 € 148
  Children 10-14y. € 21 € 57 € 98
****** Set EXCLUSIVE  Adults € 51 € 137 € 238
  Teenager 15-18y. € 41 € 111 € 194


Product 1 Day 3 Days 6 Days
Mountaineering Ski + skins + binding check € 39 € 90 € 154

Mountaineering Boots

excl. binding check €9

€ 14 € 38 € 60
Mountaineering Set (Ski, Boots, Skins, incl. Binding Check) €49 € 118  € 202
Crosscountry, Snowshoeing & Sledges
Product 1 Day 3 Days 6 Days
Crosscountry Classic Set € 16 € 42  
Crosscountry Skating Set € 22 € 59  
Snowshoes € 12 € 33  
Sledge € 6 € 18 € 36 (additional day + € 3 per day)


Price List Ski Service

Product Description Ski Kids Ski Snowboard Snowboard (<130cm)
Service - large Application of base material, rough grind, base stone-grind with structure, side-edge grind with state-of-the-art grinding wheel, side-edge tuning, deburring, waxing and polishing €40 €33 €45 €39
Service - small Base stone-grind with structure, side-edge grind with grinding-wheel, side-edge tuning, deburring, waxing and polishing €30 €25 €35 €29
Wax infrared Waxing and deep impregnation with infrared technology, polishing and brushing €15 €9 €15 €12
Wax Express Waxing, polishing and brushing €7      
10 €7 €12 €10    
End-of-season Package - large - large Service
- no brushing (wax remains on skis over the summer)
- check and spray bindings
End-of-season Package - small - small Service -no brushing (wax remains on skis over the summer)
- check and spray bindings
Race Service Only on appointment. Price depending on exact services required and time spend. Starting at €60      

Price List - Ski Depot

Depot in Tröpolach Locker
Overnight € 9
Per Week € 54

FAQ Ski Depot

How much fits into a locker?

Each locker has room for the equipment of 2 adults (skis/snowboards, poles, boots, helmets and backpack) plus additional children skis and boots.


Alternatively a locker can be used for 4 pairs of adult skis including poles (and there is still some room left for 2 helmets or a backpack, no boots). 


4 adult snowboards fit in as well (with additional room for 2 helmets or a backpack).



What are the opening hours for the depot?

The cash register is opened daily from 8 am  till 5 pm.


With a valid locker-key (liftcard/keycard) you can access the depot room daily from 7.30 am till 8 pm. On the night skiing nights the depot room is accessible till 10 pm.


On the day of departure, your locker can only be opened until 5 pm!



How long does the overnight one last?

When you rent a locker before midday, you can access the locker till the next day midday (24 hours). If you would like to access the locker till afternoon (5 pm), an extra half day is charged.


If you rent a locker after 2 pm, the locker can be used till the next day 5 pm in the low season, till 2 pm in the high season.



How can I rent for multiple days different than one whole week?

If you rent a locker for multiple days, you can access the locker on your departure day until 5 pm in the low season and until 2 pm in the high season, it doesn’t matter whether you rented it on the arrival day before or after midday.

Do I need to reserve a locker?

A reservation is not necessary (and not possible). You can only book a locker directly at the cashier desk in our Depot room between 8 am and 5 pm.


Sölle & More

Vacancies at the Ski School

Be the first on the slopes.
Work outside and enjoy the mountains.
Young, dynamic and international team.
And lots of fun.
If that sounds right to you then apply now.

School Sport Weeks

With us you will experience enthusiasm that connects.

Sölle Sport has been dedicated to the design and implementation of incentive programs in the wonderful mountain and natural world of Nassfeld/Hermagor for over 10 years.

Through constant development and cooperation with various competent institutions such as mountain guides, we succeed in constantly expanding our range of services and presenting new products.

#skimo 1-0-1

Ski touring is becoming more and more popular. But just because more and more people are doing it and we carry high-quality equipment, it remains a risky sport.

backcountry skiing

Those who can interpret the avalanche situation report, recognize danger patterns and master the standard measures for minimizing risk are not only safer in open terrain, but also more relaxed.


We've put together a few links to help you be safer on the trails. The more often you go and the better prepared you are, the more you will enjoy it.

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