At Nassfeld.

Sport and Mountain Experiences.

Sport in the mountain is life.
In our sport stores you will not only find the right gear to buy but also the gear to rent.
And our guides will make you feel like a local, when skiing down the slopes or biking on the trails.


For four generations we have been gathering experiences that benefit you and your loved ones on the special days and weeks of the year. It has always been important for us to guard this wealth of experience.

The "Wörld", however, continues to turn and it is important to recognize current trends, to take them up, to develop them further, but also to set new ones - sporty, emotional and sustainable.

The mountain is our passion

One thing you will find in all areas of the "Wörld of Sölle": Our passion for sport activities, our devotion and love for one of the most beautiful regions of the Alps and joy for share this with you.

The moment you move into your apartment, enter our store, get on your bike, close the buckles of your ski boots or climbing harness.


To us the decisive factor is that everything is always in harmony with your individual demands, but also with the requirements of a careful handling of our environment.

See you again!

We hope you have some joyful and carefree days at Nassfeld. And we wish each other that saying goodbye doesn't hurt - because you know you'll come back.

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Happy ‘Schaltjahr’! We hope you enjoyed the extra day of skiing! ⛷️🎿🏔️ . . . . . . . . #nassfeld #ski #skiday #skischool #skiequipment #skischule #kidsgofree #familyskitrip #familyski #familyskiing #carinthia #kärnten #kaernten...


A small selection of outfits that not only keep you warm, but look amazing! ⛷️ Available in both our Tröpolach and Sonnenalpe stores. 🗻👌 . . . . . . . . #nassfeld #ski #skiday #skischool #skiequipment #skischule #kidsgofree...


With more snow forecast all this week, we have a great range of jackets to keep you warm and dry! 🏂❄️🌨️🏔️🎿⛷️ Our Tröpolach and Sonnenalpe stores are open from 08.30 everyday! 🙋🏻‍♀️ . . . . . . . . #nassfeld #ski #skiday...


With around 50cm - 100cm of new snow falling over 1200m, this weekend will be a lot of fun! ⛷️ If you’re in the mood to treat yourself this weekend, we have a great range of powder skis! ❄️❄️❄️ . . . . . . . . #nassfeld #ski...


Family Ski Rental Special 🎿⛷️🏂 Rent skis or a snowboard for one adult, and one child (under 9) gets all equipment for free for the same period. Rent skis for two adults, and two children get the same deal. We’re a family...


Stöckli SC Laser skis, Kelly (2 piece) ski suit and a merino lined Salomon helmet with intergrated goggles. ⛷️ Just a few of the brands we have in both our Tröpolach and Sonnenalpe stores. . . . . . . . . #nassfeld #ski #skiday...



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